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Bali Holiday Nanny and Babysitter Services - Frequently Asked Questions -

Nanny and Babysitter Service Frequntly Asked Questions
Why should I always book with a nanny / babysitter agency ?

You may have had excellent recommendations from a friend or relative about a particular nanny. That nanny may have worked (or still works) with us or another agency. You decide to book her directly.

But what happens when she becomes ill or is suddenly required to attend a ceremony or family matters? She will send her sister or a friend to replace her. Surprise! Happens all the time, we know. We don't allow that and you shouldn't either. If anything goes wrong nobody takes responsibility.

And what do you do when she doesn't show up? Or when it doesn't work out with that nanny, because your kids don't take to her or she performs below your expectations or otherwise? Whom do you complain to? Who will send a replacement? If you cancel will you get any of your deposit back?

We keep all the ID and contact details of our nannies. If something goes wrong you will get all the assistance to resolve the matter. Complaints and replacement requests are professionally handled. In case of cancellation we make up the final invoice and hours and sessions of service you have paid for but have not been delivered will be refunded.

How much is a babysitter in Bali?

It depends on the nanny or the nanny agency. Some nanies and agencies charge in Indonesian Rupiah and others in Australian Dollar. Charges in Indonesian Rupiah ofcourse depend on the currency exchange rates.

On facebook there are nannies who offer their service at hourly prices that range between Rp. 60,000 - Rp. 70,000. If you feel more secure by booking through an agency the hourly prices range between AU$ 6.50 - AU$ 12.50

At Karsini Services our hourly price is AU$ 6.50. Period. Take a look at our pricing here.

How much notice do you need to book a nanny ?

We will need a minimum of 8 hours to secure a nanny for your booking.

Do I need to provide food and drinks for the nanny ?

Yes, but only when you book a nanny for 24/7 (live-in). Simple Indonesian food will do fine.

When you book for a number of hours per day then the nanny will use her breaks to arrange for her own food and drinks. Sometimes it is difficult for the nanny to find a place to buy food in the area. Please discuss the breaks and meals with the nanny at the start of the service, and find a way that works out for her.

Do I pay the nannies ?

You will receive a final invoice at the end of the nanny service period, which you can pay online, just like you did at time of booking. You can also choose to pay the invoice to the nanny.

Until the final invoice don't pay the nanny. It will make calculating the final invoice confusing.

What are the working times of the nanny ?

Totally up to you. It's your holiday. No limits.

Do I need to book exact dates and times ?

No. We only need to know for what period (start and end dates) and approximately how many hours and sessions per day you want to make use of our services to give you a quotation and schedule the nannies you need.

Will I have the same nanny for all days ?

You will have the nanny for all days of your booking, unless

  • You don't make use of her service for 2 or more consecutive days
  • You move to a location the nanny is not willing to travel to
  • Any case of force majeure, such as illness, accidents, motorbike problems etc..

If you plan to stay at more than 1 location please inform us, so we can select the right nanny.

I Have more than 2 children. How many nannies should I book ?

See: "Why will a nanny handle a maximum of 2 children".

Why do I need to pay in advance ?

Our planning is based on confirmed bookings. When you pay our quotation in advance we know that we have a confirmed booking and we can assign the nanny that most matches your requirements.

Paying in advance is safe with us. Our Terms and Conditions ensure that you will never wind up paying for anything you haven't received.

Does a nanny also do housekeeping ?

No. A nanny is specialized in childcare and will do only (but everything) related to that.

Can I tip my nanny ?

Even if we would say "No", you would do it anyway if you wanted. In other words: you don't need our permission to tip the nanny. And it's totally fine with us.

Shall I let the nanny drive my children ?

That's an absolute no, for obvious safety reasons. If you let the nanny go with your kids without you present then please let her use a taxi.

How do I cancel my booking ?

Just let us know that you want to cancel your booking. Any reason for cancellation is acceptable.

If you haven't received any nanny service yet we will fully return your deposit.

If you already have received nanny service then we will draw up the final invoice. If the balance of the invoice is negative we will refund you the balance. If it is positive then you pay the invoice.

Are our nannies vaccinated ?

Yes. All our nannies were fully vaccinated as children through the Indonesian vaccination program. Additionally they are now also vaccinated for COVID-19.