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Bali Holiday Nanny and Babysitter Services


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The fees for our Holiday Nanny and Babysitter Service are an Hourly Fee of $6.50 (US$4.44 / €4.01) per hour of service and a Transport Fee to cover the transportation expenses of the nanny .

So, for a full 8-hours single session of service within our Standard Service Area you'll pay $55.00 (US$37.54 / €33.89).

We deliver service in the following areas:

  • Standard service area. Minimum invoiced is 4 hours per day. Transport Fee is $3.00 (US$2.05 / €1.85) per session.
  • Standard Plus service area. Minimum invoiced is 4 hours. Transport Fee is $4.50 (US$3.07 / €2.77) per session.
  • Extended service area. Minimum invoiced is 8 hours. Transport Fee is $4.50 (US$3.07 / €2.77) per session.
  • Undefined service area. Minimum 2 days. Live-in service only. If you are staying on one of the small islands you need to pay for the boat fare.

Click here to view a of map Bali with areas.

The fee for a nanny on 24/7 (live-in) basis is $100.00 (US$68.25 / €61.62) per day of service.

Fees mentioned are per nanny. No extra charges for per child.

Where most agencies will allow their nannies to handle up to 4 children (with extra charges), regardless of their ages, we think this is irresponsible. The safety of your children is priority #1. Your children can only be safe when the nanny can give each child enough attention to keep them out of harms way. Therefore, one nanny can handle 2 children, of which only 1 child below the age of 36 months. Only when all children are indoors and in the same room, or when a parent is around to supervise she will handle a third child of 36 months or older. No extra charges.

You will need to pay a deposit to secure your booking. If you use less service than the deposit allows for then you are eligable for a refund. Other than with most agencies we will never forfeit your deposit.

Prices in black are Australian Dollars. Prices in blue are derived from AUD, using the daily currency exchange rates from The European Central Bank.

Realtime availability

Click on the button below to obtain an online quotation for our Holiday Nanny Services and to view the nannies that are available for your holiday. You can book by paying a deposit. Your booking will be instantly confirmed.

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